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Posted breed: puggle. they come with a 1 year health guarantee. so keep your puggle well exercised to stay out of trouble. you should not also let them manipulate you when they seem to want. so what you put in front of those faces is a big responsibility.

these behaviors usually occur when the dog is left alone and it is believed to be the result of lack of exercise or separation anxiety. t- shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. you may also find puggles through the rescue group below:. ypsilanti mi 48198. puggle puppies for sale in delta, pennsylvania united states great to have you here! once you acquire a puppy puggle, you will never know at first which characteristic would dominate, if it’ s from a howler beagle or a house resident pug. they may or may not have a black mask however; black masks are extremely common in puggles. puggles are playful and energetic little dogs.

all our puppies are healthy and well socialized with kids. maintaining regularly scheduled visits with your vet should help with early identification and treatment for any of these potential problems. lively and full of the spunk, the puggle is a fun- loving little clown. in fact, the puggle was the most widely owned crossbreed in.

find puggles for sale on oodle classifieds. they are small dogs. our puppies are very well cared for and loved. the puggle originated in the united states in the 1980s. pipsqueakproductions. puggles are a designer puppy that is a mix between a pug and a beagle. he will forever be known as the proud poppa of the puggle. they are affectionate and generally quite welcoming to guests and strangers that they meet walking down the street. meeting your dog’ s nutritive needs will ensure that they’ re happy and healthy, while also warding off many potential health issues down the road.

make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you' ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he' s an adult. some even have a tendency to howl, a trait they inherit from their beagle parent. 5 out of 5 stars. due to this increasing popularity, the owner of a popular dog breeding site said to seattle times, some time in, after disposing of numbers of puggles in his shop that day that he can still sell 50 puggles if they are available in that same day and it increased its price during that days due to high demands. his dam is a puggle who weighs about 10 lbs. pocket, or mini, puggles result from breeding two puggles or two dogs that are already mini puggles.

expect to give them at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. wallace havens bred the first puggle in the 1980s. so from the younger litters born around 10 days ago it looks like we will be taking deposits for 8 first generation fawn girls, 2 first generation fawn boys, 2 second generation fawn girls, 1 black fawn girl. he usually enjoys the company of children and isn' t known for aggression toward other dogs. see full list on dogtime. a weekly brushing is plenty until it is shedding season. temperament: like the pug and the beagle, the puggle is a playful breed that' s full of spunk. puggles are people- lovers and should live indoors with the family, not outside.

puggle puppies are a small breed that usually stay around 20- 30lbs. sicher suchen nach wohnung verkaufen makler. adopt ziggy a black pug / beagle / mixed dog in rush city, mnadopt ziggy a black pug / beagle / mixed dog in rush city, mn. the puggle’ s low maintenance coat and his ability to get much of his exercise indoors. breeding puggles is an exciting task. litter description. puggle popularity hits the global arena as one of the world’ s top designer dogs. if you' puggle verkaufen re buying a puggle, it' s important puggle verkaufen to research the health conditions that affect both the pug and the beagle. every purchase you make puts money in an artist’ s pocket.

although he can have a laid back nature, the puggle is an active little dog who will play energetically inside and. dogs have no understanding of nutrition. the puggle is a crossbreed and is not recognized by the american kennel club. a perfect combination of popular doggos that some owners think is even better than the puggle’ s beloved parents. puggles average about 25 pounds, and stand, on average, 15 inches ( 38. the goal of this cross- breed is to get a dog with the laid- back, comedic personality of the pug and the beagle, but with the longer beagle snout to reduce respiratory problems. brad - puggle puppy for sale in mount airy, md.

the fur should be straight and never wavy or curly. there are no breed clubs for the puggle, and no efforts to make him a recognized breed. great to have you here! people who know and understand every inch of the puggle’ s characteristics are ideal to own one.

this popular designer dogwas developed by crossing the flat- face pug with the floppy- eared beagle. come check out our giant selection of t- shirts, mugs, tote bags, stickers and more. what is a pocket puggle? puggles are smart, but they may or may not be eager to please. 95 free shipping. however, it should be noted that these dogs are sensitive to extreme cold and hot temperatures. not content to laze around the house, they play energetically indoors and out, racing around the dining room table and down the hall. denning farms is a breeder of puggle puppies, sign up for com. an intelligent crossbreed, puggles are moderately easy to train. they enjoy going on brisk walks through the neighborhood to check out the sights and sounds around them.

the puggle is a hybrid dog that is the result of crossing a beagle with a pug. pups have had first lot of worm. they should never be exercised off leash as they inherit the beagle’ s chase instinct and could get lost or hit by a car. they do have a tendency to be stubborn. not all designer dogs have a well- documented history or any recorded history at all for that matter. knowing more of the puggle’ s history and origin will help you understand the nature of puggles, the distinctive appearance, and other related factors. it often resulted in the death of both the mother and the puppies.

this could be a problem for you and your neighbors as well as end up with a visit from the local animal control agency or home owner’ s association. the key factor for a successful puggle dog training is to start from a very young age. pocket puggles are a smaller version of the same mixture. 631 likes · 8 talking about this. legg- calve- perthes disease– is the disintegration of the hip joint and bone and joint inflammation. they must also avoid over- excitement and over- exercise as exposure to these can cause shortness of breath. the president of the american canine hybrid club said that he thought the puggle’ s popularity would only last for three puggle verkaufen to four years but it just continues growing and growing.

mum is our beloved household pet fawn puggle and can be seen on viewing dad is a kc registered choc/ tan fluffy pug, all of his info is available. this cross is often available at local animal shelters. however, this popular hybrid is one of the few designer dogs with well known roots. some have tried to breed male beagles with female pugs, but that is a dangerous mistake. beagle welpen zu verkaufen baden - württemberg - blaufelden vorschau. however, with patience and persistence, this dog can be trained. but generally, puggles are naturally playful. she' s been dewormed and had her first booster shots. what kind of dog is a puggle mix? the puggle club of america is still in its formative stages.

agility training is a good way to direct your fun- loving puggle' s need for speed. having a nutritious and well- balanced diet set in place for your pet is one of the more important duties of every pet parent. puggles are produced by breeding a female beagle to a male pug. of course, the dog will expect that you pet him while he sleeps and you’ d better deliver.

they were the last 2 puppies of the litter, and we couldn' t leave one behind, so we brought them both home. they seldom undergo a caesarian section during giving birth. before you fall in love with that wrinkled face and hang- down ears, however, it' s important to understand that you could end up with a dog that displays one or more of the worst characteristics of the pug and the beagle, such as respiratory problems ( pug), stubbornness ( pug and beagle), tendency to wander ( beagle), howling ( beagle), hip dysplasia ( both), and eye problems ( both). their weight is usually between 6- 8kglb), while their height is between 25- 33cminches), making them smaller than beagles in terms of height. puggles are good walking companions, but they' re not the best choice if you want a jogging partner. puggles are intelligent but can be stubborn. suchen und vergleichen sie schmuck verkaufen online.

other grooming needs include dental hygiene and nail care. the puggle can be a cute and cuddly lovebug. in fact in, the puggle became the most widely owned crossbreed dog in history! puggle puppies for sale – long island, new york. so so, it’ s important that you make their training sessions fun and interesting. the surgical removal of the leg bone’ s head is the best treatment it can get. some puggles have black masks on the face.

im folgenden finden sie eine kleine auswahl von anzeigen zum thema " puggle welpe". i adopted a puggle and when it is stated they are affectionate and loving, believe it! asking a rehoming fee of $ 875. puggles are usually healthy dogs, but mini puggles can inherit some of their parents' bad traits. the puggle is an extremely popular designer crossbreed whose parents are the puggle and the beagle. more puggle puppies / dog breeders and puppies in michigan.

they have a wrinkled face that droops around the puggle verkaufen eyes and muzzle slightly. the breed has become very popular, thaks to his novelty, sweet nature, and cute looks. 3 boys and 1 girl. the smiles will never stop with a puggle in your life.

this unique appearance and his friendly nature has driven a rapid rise in popularity since the first puggle was bred in the 1990s. beagle and pug parents produce a dog that is energetic like a hound but thick in build with short hair, a wrinkled forehead and drooping ears like a pug. our puppies are - $ 350. the puggle has a short, smooth, double coat. this hybrid breed can be registered with the international designer canine registry and the american canine hybrid club. the first person to have intentionally produced a litter of pug- beagle mix puppies was wisconsin breeder wallace havens. of course, lots of praise will also work wonders as they love to make their owners happy. cheeto is super cute & friendly and will make a wonderful family pet. he then registered the puggle at the american canine hybrid club. it’ s like keeping a furry reservoir of joy in your home. where can i buy puggle puppies for sale?

smaller females cannot deliver large puppies without major complications and devastating results. look for a breeder who doesn' t breed her dogs until they' re two or three years old. with a fun- loving personality and an adorable, wrinkled face, the puggle has become a popular mixed breed dog. barking and howling seems to be a major complaint of those who own puggles. if you have questions about this pup puggle verkaufen please call us at, or click the button below and leave us a. they can be playful and cuddly and enjoy spending time with the people in their lives. it is quite important to remember that it should always be a female beagle and a male pug, not the female beagle and the male pug because it is dangerous as an expert says.

he’ ll run around and play like he was a puppy, even long after he is all grownup! be sure to check out the incredible puggle community page, puggle! some are howlers, a trait inherited from their beagle parent. thus, this is the main reason why training of such a designer dog can be challenging. be sure to always walk your puggle on leash or play with him in a securely fenced area. give your puggle a couple of 15- minute walks or playtimes every day. based in united states, puggle* has been an ebay member since.

bathe him only as needed, but be sure to keep the folds on his skin and around his muzzle and eyes free of dirt, debris, and moisture to prevent infections. this breed is known for being a social and affectionate dog. + more filter options. ensuring that your dog has had plenty of exercise is a much better thing to do than pay fines or be known as the family with the annoying dog! puggle gifts, merchandise and collectibles. a puggle may display both of the parents’ temperament while others may show a pug or a beagle’ s dominance. while second- generation breeding ( f2) or breeding puggles from puggle parents is possible, experts discouraged it. stenotic nares is another major problem within puggles that causes the inability to breath and can potentially be fatal. if you can hear the nail clicking on the floor, they' re too long. they need shaded areas when outside during hot summer months and other similar conditions. puppies for sale.

puggles have plenty of energy that they need 30 to 40 minutes daily walk. not all designer hybrid are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. puggles are food- oriented so training sessions will be more productive if yummy treats are used as rewards. they have the wrinkles of their pug parents and the longer muzzle, ears, and tail of a beagle a look that draws comparisons to miniature mastiffs. the colors can be white, fawn, tri- colored or black. though an akc popularity ranking is not applicable here, this crossbreed has been gaining a lot of fans around the globe.

more images for puggle verkaufen ». puggle parker, we have a really cute puggle puppies for sale in pa. use positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards, play, and praise, and keep training sessions short and sweet. hallo suche für meine puggle hündin einen mann! also, be sure to check the puggle dog breeder listings in our dog breeder directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. puggles are a cross breed of the pug and beagle. join millions of people using oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption.

without proper exercise, this hybrid breed tends to howl and do so loudly. see full list on breedingbusiness. puggle puppies for sale. puggle puppies - petland novi. canine nutrition is complex, and only a veterinari. a puggle puppy is short- haired, with a wrinkly face, and body.

bathing should be done every month. as the years went on, the puggle' s popularity grew. most litters are the result of first generation breedings between beagles and pugs, but there have been a few breedings of puggles to puggles. a fenced yard will give the puggle a space to run and play without the chance of him getting hurt. the puggle is the result of an accidental cross breeding between a pug and a beagle, probably sometime in the 1990s. don' t miss what' s happening in your neighborhood. any price up to $ 500 up to $ 1, 000 up to $ 1, 500 up to $ 2, 000 up to $ 2, 500 over puggle verkaufen $ 2, 500. few breeders would even consider this approach now and hopefully it never happens again. puggle puppies male and female. but you can expect them to have a thickset body, short legs, underbite, and a beagle tail with a pug curl.

the combination of these two very popular dogs results in a hybrid that boasts the best that his parents have to offer, all bundled up in one adorable package. because some health problems don' t appear until a dog reaches full maturity, health clearances aren' t issued to dogs younger than 2 years old. check puggle verkaufen everyday for new listings of puggles available for adoption from all over the country. while others may seem intelligent and highly trainable, most of them may appear lazy, difficult to train and even proud. puggles are generally boasting good health. fields marked with an * are required. jetzt bei gigagünstig sparen! just like its parents, puggle is a rather petite dog.

they are smart and energetic. however, the following health issues can be occurring within the puggle breed: 1. this means you should choose kibble appropriate for your pet’ s age ( puppy, adult, senior), size ( medium) and their activity level ( low to moderate). the puggle dog breed is a mixed breed created by mixing a beagle ( usually the female) and a pug. they are not aggressive, too. jetzt diskret & kostenlos inserat aufgeben und nachfolger für ihre firma finden! shop puggle merchandise including flags, signs, clothing. check your puggle' s eyes regularly to ensure that they' re clean and free of any irritation, indicated by redness or discharge. puggles’ typical litter size ranges from three to seven.

these dogs didn’ t. for instance, opt for a few shorter sessions “ interrupted” with a bit of playtime. 1 cm) at the shoulder. if you’ re searching for puggle puppies for sale, then say hello to these willful and lively little fur- balls. they are medium shedders, so people who have allergies should keep this in mind. the undercoat is short and dense, covered by a slightly longer topcoat. this is known puggle verkaufen as a second generation puggle and they are coveted by puggle fanatics. as a result of the pug and beagle combination, they must have black markings around the muzzle, nose, and eyes.

they can also be the exact size of their pug parent. they have a short nose, and a slender, stocky body, like beagles. it is a community filled with puggle pictures, stories, and information. as they are crossbred, puggles’ looks can vary a lot. as a rule of thumb, positive reinforcement training works wonders with these hybrids. puggles are active. ample exercise will help keep them from becoming unruly. puggles do not really need a lot of care and that is why they are ideal for senior companions. many believe that the first puggles were the result of an accidental breeding. alternatively, you can opt for a raw food diet or cooking meals for your pet at home.

here are the most important questions that every puggle enthusiast wants to know for curiosity sake. looking for the ideal puggle gifts? even so, in the eyes of akc and its international counterparts, the puggle remains a mixed breed without official recognition just like all other designer dogs. this puggle breed profile describes them as “ sweet. limit your dog’ s time outside during humid or hot weather. negative reinforcement or punishment based training is closer to abuse th. they will eat everything that you put in front of their cute little faces.

hopefully this will be established soon. add to favorites. they' ll respond best to training that uses positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards, play, and praise. digging is also a problem within this hybrid breed. breeder name: mark riley. she actually is two months old. they may go through excessive panting, wheezing, and snoring. but because puggle is a mixed between a stubborn pug and beagle, a puggle can be stubborn, too.

my 3 year old puggle verkaufen puggle has given birth to 4 pups who are 3/ 4 and 1/ 4 beagle. if you' re willing to welcome whatever surprises this little dog brings, you' re sure to enjoy life with your new dog. 000 kleinanzeigen: puggle aus nrw ( gummersbach) kaufen und verkaufen - rubrik puggle. a cross between a pug and a beagle, the puggle breed makes for a great family companion. they are working on creating a standard for breeders. puggle shirt for dog dad, puggle gifts for the puggle dad! we are a small puggle breeder.

because this means that you can register a litter with official canine clubs to obtain a pedigree for puggle puppies, reputable breeders turn to smaller organizations for certifications of good breeding. start grooming your puggle when he' s a puppy to get him used to it. always use positive training methods when working with puggles in obedience. puggle is as a designer dog, a mix between a pug and a beagle. they are up to date on shots and wormer. puggle puppies /. find puggle gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.

the purpose of creating the puggle breed is to produce a dog that has a closer physical trait to pug yet not prone to respiratory problems which pug is prone to. his perky attitude and spark of enthusiasm will keep the family laughing day after day. if the weather is inclement, the puggle will be happy to play a game of fetch in the living room to burn off his energy. although they love to have fun, puggles are some of the best cuddlers in the world. cafepress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion.

its commercial availability started in the early s and is rapidly increasing making it the number one designer dog in market demand. they also have the need to fetch and run freely in the yard. this little boy is so good, loves to cuddle close and we just love him to death. toy- size puggles are usually less than 13 inches tall and weigh 8 to 17 pounds. this is the reason why you may have a non- cooperative, hard to train, lazy, and proud puppy/ dog. most breeders score an average for puggle’ s intelligence and so for trainability. puggle pups are extremely loving. at this time, they need to be brushed several times weekly to remove the loose coat.

its coat is smooth, straight and short- haired. i am just the sweetest male puggle bulldog mix ever! many researchers suggest that it has something to do with the supply of blood to the femur bone’ s head but generally the cause is not yet known and so prevention. among the most popular designer breeds of dogs, the puggle has captured the love and affection of many people desiring a pet. lively and energetic, puggles need a fair amount of daily exercise. respiratory problems– this is a common issue in pugs as having that squished face.

keeping your training sessions short yet sweet work for these playful designer dogs. she' d love a family group with children or another pets. short nails keep the feet in good condition and won' t scratch your legs when your puggle jumps up to greet you. however, the american kennel club ( akc) and other major kennel clubs do not consider puggle in their registry of breeds, since it is a crossbreed. puggles usually get along well with everyone, including kids and other pets.

was irgendwann als „ ungeplante verpaarung“ passierte, verkauft sich. as everyone knows, this type of “ bribe” will coax even the most stubborn pooch to pay attention to the trainer’ s commands! they’ re members of the small dog breed family and sport coats in colors of tan, black, fawn, red, lemon. tragically, this often resulted in the death of the puppies as well as the mother. tierrechtsorganisation peta in gerlingen in baden. good morning puggle friends! in general, puggles are friendly with just about everyone.

brushing the hair of puggles requires only once in a week since their coat is easy to care for. prevent obesity and replace the neck col. when you talk to the breeder, don' t forget to mention you found them on pets4you. handle his paws frequently dogs are touchy about their feet and look inside his mouth and ears. are there puggle puppies for sale in delta pa?

they’ ll readily hop up onto the couch and snuggle up in your lap for a quick snooze. the puggle’ s coat is short and smooth. being a social dog, the puggle gets along well with everyone. the general characteristic of a puggle is a combination of an affectionate and good companion pug and active and curious beagle. adorable puggle puppies, male and female. puppies for sale! puggles are a mix between the beagle and pug. not all puggles will get any or all of these diseases, but it' s important to be aware of them if you' re considering this breed.

it is a fantastic community of puggle adoption and rescue helpers. you may also incorporate active play, praise, and other positive gestures to help them listen to you and obey you as part of a successful training process. puggles have an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. decorative puggle dog floral kitchen dish towel pet gift. as far as getting along with people, children, and even other pets, puggles score excellent. i am 7/ 8 bulldog and 1/ 8 puggle. for a puggle, the best diet should involve high- quality dry food that suits their unique needs. seemingly everyone wants one of these pups. as a designer dog, it has no long history of origin. it’ s all about your approach.

see puggle puppies for sale at denning farms in houghton ia. puggle hickory hills, illinois, united states. this crossbreed requires frequent playtime, outings, and running. crate trainingis an exce. keep them entertained and they won’ t have a chance to be stubborn. however, enthusiasts of this hybrid breed claim that they actually originated from a planned breeding don in the hopes of creating a new dog breed. dhd24 ist eines der führenden kleinanzeigenportale deutschlands. there are some issues they are predisposed to such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, epilepsy, hypothyroidism and cherry eye.

user id puggle* ( feedback score% positive feedback. both parents should have health clearances from the orthopedic foundation for animals for hips, patellas ( knees), and thyroid and from the canine eye registry foundation ( cerf) certifying that the eyes are normal. as a result of multigenerational breeding, puggles have gained incredible popularity in the u. puppies for sale /.

potential behavior problems include howling, barking, digging, or wandering. aside from patience successful puggle dog training also requires positive reinforcement, early socializationwith other dogs, and persistence. showing all 66 results. that said, there is still some bad news to share about the wonderful world of puggles. brush your puggle' s teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the accompanying bacteria.

so long as they' re indoor dogs and get enough exercise, they can adapt to any living situation, including apartments although they can bark a lot. brush your puggle weekly to get rid of excess hair. trim his nails once or twice a month, as needed. be consistent with your teaching methods, but try to mix things up as well. there are some precautionary measures, yet no cure for this. tucker john - puggle puppy for sale in broad top, pa. a puggle pup is a great pet. the result is usually unpredictable, unlike that of the first- generation breeding. they are somewhat affectionate, lovable, and require your attention. some enjoy digging outdoors. puggles, pocket puggles, mini- boxers, teddy bears and other custom hybrid breeds.

once you do find and adopt your puggle. puggles are small family dogs. its first sign is limping usually during its 4 to 6 months age. my name is max and i was born on april 12th,.

items for sale contact. ” since they originate from disobedient beagle and pug, you would have a stubborn dog. breed group: mixed height: puggle verkaufen 8 to 15 inches at shoulder weight: 15 to 30 pounds life span: 12- 14 years. we do offer shipping as well as delivery. both of these options are gaining popularity with pet owners, but you shouldn’ t base your pet’ s complete nutrition based off guidelines you found on the internet. the puggle is a sweet, intelligent dog who can fit easily into family life. if you are in the market for a doggo so adorable that it will keep a smile plastered on your face for every second that you spend together, then it’ s about time that you met the puggle. puggle products, gifts and accessories with stunning dog breed pictures and artwork – perfect for yourself or any puggle dog lover! puggles crave attention and make wonderful companions for families in apartments or large estates alike. puggles will bark to let you know when someone comes to the door, but given their friendly nature, they' re not guard dogs. puggles in the midwest sell anywhere between $ and puggles in more prominent areas like the east/ west coast sell anywhere between $.

unless trained, they are loud dogs. we found bob and ziggy via a friend' s referral. free returns 100% satisfaction guarantee fast shipping. it’ s for their adorable personality and unique appearance that they became extremely popular in the states. chocolate chihuahua. thanks for everyone' s patience in waiting for information. and don' t forget the puppyspin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for puggle puppies for sale in usa area and puggle dogs for adoption in usa area.

puggles are very friendly and social dogs that will make friends with everyone, including small children, and other dogs. mopswelpen von champion mopszucht suchen neues hei. com / deine- tierwelt - der große tiermarkt mit mehr als 100. com has been visited by 100k+ users in the past month. rikky rai - puggle puppy for sale in broad top, pa. a cross- breed can take on any combination of traits from one or both of the parents. puggles shed, like both their parent puggle verkaufen breeds. today, the puggle continues to rank among the most popular designer dogs. ownership of these cute puppies would be in vain if they go to people who have less knowledge about them. they are up to date on vaccines with a health guarantee for puppy. beagles may ignore commands when they' ve picked up an interesting scent, and some puggles have the same tendency.

puggle puppies for sale in pottersville, missouri united states. the best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. puggle welpe - kleinanzeigen bei dhd24. owning a puggle is a lot of fun. expect their eyes to be dark, expressive and inquisitive. at this time, breeders are using puggles to breed with other puggles, which creates a much more standardized dog. it involves voluntary degeneration of the head on the femur bone, located in the hind leg of dogs. colors include fawn, red, tan, lemon, black, or puggle verkaufen any of those colors with white ( known as particolor). because puggles are the result of a crossbreeding, they are generally healthy.

this breed is lively and full of spunk, and they will keep their families entertained and smiling all day. neither the pug nor the beagle is especially known for ease of training, and both breeds can be stubborn. luckily, both of these behavioral issues can be corrected with timely and persistent training. keeping in mind the popularity of designer dogs and hybrids in general, this says a lot about the puggle.

puggle welpe kaufen und verkaufen. puggles can be playful and cuddly and enjoy spending time with the people in their lives. after a bath, it' s very important to dry thoroughly between any folds. they get along with children as well as other dogs and can make a great family companion.

most puggles are 13 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 18 to 30 pounds. she gets a sweet personality and loves to play outside. puggle gifts for dog lovers. see full list on petguide. the puggle is a cross between the beagle and the pug. puggles need little grooming, although they do shed moderately. for more on feeding your puggle, see our guidelines for buying the right food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog. puggles typically weigh between pounds and stand about 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder. a puggle is a designer dog breed that is a cross between a pug and a beagle.

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